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Established on May 23, 2016

As a machinery trading company, we are committed to providing our customers with the best machinery and solutions to help them succeed in their respective industries, based on our core competencies of high quality products, professional knowledge and excellent customer service.

Professional Manufacturer And Exporter For Roll Forming Machine Technology

We Not Only Offer Best Quality We Also Offer Best Service

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China's Powerhouse Forming Machine Suppliers

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Professional engaged in the design, manufacture and production of various types of high precision, high difficulty cold-forming equipment manufacturers of heterosexual. Equipment electrical components are all internationally renowned brands to ensure the good working performance of the equipment.

The advantages of high quality, diverse production capabilities, efficient production, reliability and stability, and customized solutions make us the best partner of choice for our customers. We are committed to providing superior products and services that help our customers achieve their production goals and grow with them

Why Choose Us

Let’s work together for a better tomorrow, for mutual benefit, to create more wealth together, and to work together for the cause of steel structure.

We Are Technical Team

We also try to guarantee timely delivery, all around services at reasonable cost. Working to extend our presence internationally

Dependable & Quality Commitment

We prioritize meeting customer expectations, delivering reliable products and services.

We Are Always Improving

We are looking forward to cooperating with your company for mutual benefit.

Construction series

Roof/wall panel forming machine, glazed tile forming machine, shell forming machine, Cable Tray forming machine, steel plate silo forming machine, footplate forming machine, ridge tile forming machine, C-beam forming machine, Z-beam forming machine, U-beam forming machine, L-beam forming machine, gutter forming machine, gutter plate forming machine, rectangular drop pipe forming machine, square pipe drop pipe forming machine, round pipe forming machine, beamless arch forming machine, light steel keel Forming machine, floor-bearing plate forming machine.

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