Pipe/Tube Making Machine

Pipe making machine includes: automobile exhaust pipe, stainless steel water pipe, stainless steel sanitary pipe, stainless steel bathroom pipe, galvanized pipe, etc.

A complete stainless steel pipe production line requires the following equipment.

  • High quality stainless steel belt
  • Stainless steel decorative pipe control machine
  • welding machine: argon arc welding or ultrasonic welding machine
  • stainless steel polishing machine: round tube polishing machine + square tube polishing machine

Polishing machine includes: round pipe polishing machine, square pipe polishing machine

We can help you do

  • Analysis of the current stainless steel pipe making investment market for customers
  • Let customers understand in detail the links of the pipe making industry
  • Customized high-quality pipe production equipment for customers
  • plant planning and design, water consumption, electricity planning
  • send professional staff to install the pipe making machine and debug until the qualified pipe.
  • for customers to contact professional adjustment and polishing machine technicians
  • introduce high-quality raw material suppliers for enterprises

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