How the pipe making machine is produced

How the pipe making machine is produced

Equipment for the production of pipes – pipe making machine, in fact, there are classifications: stainless steel pipe, galvanized pipe, cement pipe, plastic pipe, then the next will be introduced to you about the work of the production of stainless steel pipe making machine, which contains the parts, what is the role of each part::
1.the uncoiler: also known as the loading frame, mainly to place the raw material components.
2.forming welding unit: including forming and welding 2 parts. Mainly the steel strip on the loading rack is introduced into the forming and welding unit through the feeding guide device, and the argon arc welding machine welds the forming.
3.Polishing unit: After welding, there will be higher welding seam on the surface of the tube, so it will be polished off by the polishing unit (there are three polishing heads here) to make the surface of the tube smooth and flat.
4.Sizing and straightening unit: After the basic forming of the pipe, its pipe diameter and bending degree will need a sizing and straightening unit to fix, otherwise there will be roundness is not round enough, squareness is not square enough, the pipe is not straight and other problems.
5. sizing cutter: the tube is made ready cutter sizing cut, generally 6m cut once, of course, can also be 4m, 5m cut once, this will need to set their own.
6.under the material frame: after the pipe sizing cutting, you need to under the material frame to place these tubes.
The above parts and functions are connected to the workflow of the pipe making machine, through the loading rack to introduce raw materials into the pipe making machine equipment, and then through the equipment on the mold extrusion, argon arc welding machine welding molding, and then through the grinding unit grinding weld is smooth and smooth surface of the pipe, and then sizing straightening sizing cutting, basically a pipe production process is over, until the raw materials on the loading rack is done. Seems simple, but in fact need to master a lot of things.


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